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One of the benefits of training is that it helps to unlock potentials and it equally creates atmosphere of possibility. Herculean tasks as well as things considered impossible bows in the face of appropriate training and skills. Thus, people are empowered when they are given the right training. This is the experience at the just concluded STATA training organized by Innovation Lab for Policy Leadership in Agriculture and Food Security (PiLAF), University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The training was aimed at exposing participants to basic understanding of STATA and as well to perform basic operations on STATA.

STATA is a complete and integrated data management software. It is fast, accurate, easy to use and provides all that can be considered as data science needs including data manipulation, visualization, statistics and automated reporting. It is a software used by diverse categories of people. Hence, the training was open to all- Academics, Researchers, Students (Undergraduates & Postgraduates), Data Analysts & Scientists, Civil Servants, Entrepreneurs, etc.

The free STATA training was well received by people from different parts of the world. 786 people registered for the training but 467 people eventually joined the Google classroom where the training took place. The training lasted for 12 weeks (23rd March-8th June, 2022) and it covers several modules ranging from General Introduction to STATA Environment to Linear Regression Using STATA. Several topics were covered within each module. The training was facilitated by erudite scholars in the field of Statistics- Prof. O.E. Olubusoye and Dr. O.A.Otekunrin, both from the University of Ibadan. They both tactfully and professional facilitated the class and ensured that the trainees were effectively carried along. They provided resource materials as well as data set for the training and also conducted assignments. With no gain saying, the training unlocked several potentials. It was indeed a worthy contribution of PiLAF to human development and capacity building. 

Some of the trainees have this to say: 

“The 3months STATA training course was very impacting. I enjoyed how the trainers took their time to explain the details during each session.  The weekly take home assignments also encouraged personal assessment of one’s level of understanding. The provision of all lecture materials is appreciated.”– Dr. Adebusola Adenike Adepoju, Lecturer, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Nigeria.

“I joined the online STATA training course as a beginner in the data analytic domain. However, through the training course, I have mastered descriptive and inferential analysis.  This learning experience was possible through the blend of the knowledge of Data Analytics with hands-on demos and assignments via classroom. This course has made me acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to become a data analyst. I am very grateful to the course organizers and instructors.”– Dr. (Mrs.) Monica Addison, Researcher/ Lecturer, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.   

“The STATA training was hands-on and all participants were allowed to ask questions at any time during the training sessions. The trainers showed their high levels of academic and industry experience in statistics and econometrics. A virtual training made it possible for people from countries outside of Nigeria to participate.”- Nashon Ngalande, Research Assistant, Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute, Zambia.

“I went from zero knowledge to good level of confidence in the use of STATA. The onus rests on me to keep working to be better through the use of the training materials and videos and other resources”– Agnes Aderinola Oyeniran, Program Coordinator, CPRH,
UCH, Ibadan, Nigeria.

“I’m really happy to attend this STATA course. When I started to follow this course my level in STATA was just fair but after the course I’m very proud of my level in STATA. Thank you so much for all you did for us.”  Mahamady Kontiliguissonko, Student, African School of Economics, Burkinabè

“I had a great experience in data management and analysis. I learned a lot of other notions about data processing in STATA. It was a good period of training”– Achille Gbeto, Student, African School of Economics University, Benin Republic.        

“This was superb retooling course that everyone should attend, no regrets”- Fulgence Joseph Mishili, Agricultural Economists, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania.  

“I loved the data exploration methodologies taught that guide statistical analysis”- Florence Nakazi, Agricultural Economist, Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC), Uganda.     


  1. The training was just amazing! Thanks to PILAF, I was able to considerably improve my data analysis skills. I thank the HoD of the Department of Agriculture, HTTTC KUMBA of THE UNIVERSITY OF BUEA, CAMEROON, Prof. Defang Henry who shared the information about PILAF.
    PILAF, I am very grateful!

  2. feel happy being part of the participants in the Stata training of Pilaf. I started the training as novicea but finished the programme with enough knowledge on the package to enable me teach others. The resource person’s demystified Stats for me. I am most grateful. Thanks to Pilaf
    Onuigbo I. (PhD)

  3. Amadiegwu Chinalurum Clementina

    No doubt the STATA training was worth the time, it opened me up to deeper knowledge of the use of STATA which wouldn’t have been possible without the apt guide of the facilitators. It was a wonderful experience I can’t trade for anything, I hope to build on this selfless service of Pilaf to become a great data analyst, econometrician and Researcher!!!

    I’m indeed grateful for that opportunity and the experience gained remains valuable!!!

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