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A Deep Dive into Shocks and Policy Responses

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As Africa continues to navigate the complexities of the modern world, innovative policy responses to various shocks have become essential. From the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to implications of geopolitical events like the Russia-Ukraine war, African nations are at the forefront of crafting adaptive strategies.

Advancing Inclusive Agricultural and Food Security Policy: A Holistic Approach

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Creating an inclusive agricultural and food security policy is very important. A robust and dynamic agricultural policy begins with research. This research serves as the cornerstone, offering an understanding of the current realities, diverse challenges and opportunities, ranging from the needs of communities to market trends and sustainable agricultural practices. Fostering a research-driven approach enables policymakers to make informed decisions that address the unique challenges faced by different regions and demographics. This explains why the Innovation Lab for Policy Leadership in Agriculture and Food Security (PiLAF) has been strengthening capacity in research and data analysis.


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More than we can admit or realize, our lives are governed by policies. Policy is one of the structural frameworks that govern day-to-day activities. For example in Nigeria, some persons could not purchase or eat imported frozen foods because of the policy of the government that prohibits it.